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About Author

Ole Dammegard was born in Denmark and raised in Sweden, grew up believing he lived in a free and democratic society. As he started to investigate the political assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme, he noticed there were some very strange and glaring similarities in these two cases. Since that time, Ole has investigated many other political assassinations, deaths of musicians and false flag events, and has shown the common thread behind them all: the New World Order Agenda. Ole's aim is to spread this information and to promote a stance of "no-fear", of peace and recovery from the atrocities and trauma that we have been subjected to for so many years. We are many, they are SO few. Shine the light on these conspiracies, get involved and transcend this evil agenda so we can get on with this amazing and beautiful life.


  1. Goeran Lundgren on

    I just donated 10 bucks to Ole, but can´t get access to tonight´s Las Vegas webinar, although promised this. Can anyone help me?

  2. I don’t mind donating, but will not EVER use paypal in ANY circumstance (anymore). Patreon is too complicated, and bitcoin is way beyond me. So my donation keep getting frustrated.

  3. claudia stauber on

    Ole even though your work is truly priceless, I hope that my small contribution will help to keep you going!
    Thank you for all the important work you do in this wonderful world!
    Lots of Love!

  4. Celia Coolidge on

    Hey Ole!
    I’ve just learned about these brush fires in Santa Paula, CA, and I was reminded of “Santa Paul” from the Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting last January! I remember that you wondered if there was a riddle there. I went back to look at the video and Santa Paul’s dog was named “FIRE”!! Check it out! You’ll hear him say it!

  5. Thank you my Dear Ole for all these decades of hard, dangerous work for humanity. I am broke as a joke, but I AM a Patreon member so I am now following you. Best I can do besides to give you encouragement and love. And my heart felt thanks. You ROCK!🎶💃🎶🎈

  6. I wish I could donate I feel like this is a good cause. But I’m broke due to the Damon government issuing a national security letter on me and implanting me with v2k. Thus preventing me from having a job because they made everyone part of a conspiracy to very slowly end my life for no reason. I’m young he’ll I’m 26 and these goddamn nazis have ruined my life. We the American people need to do something and we need to do it now. Why are you people not hounding cnn and other major news stations. Don’t you have enough people to make a differance. The time is now. It’s time for us to stop looking up at the sky with our thumb up our ads waiting on the barium salt to fall.

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