Double Red Crossed

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Double Red Crossed ~ Disaster Capitalism at Its Coldest

Red Cross steals your money and as you can see in this video provides very limited care while luxuriously lodging in 5 star hotels A Rothschild/Jesuit Corporation.

The Red Cross is a private “humanitarian” corporation, but their actions speak louder than their mission statement.   A brief rundown of the society’s history speaks volumes.  A rundown of the waste, control and insane behaviour makes it clear that this corporation does not have humanity’s best interests in mind.

Their financials are the nail in the coffin.

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  1. Ingemar Curtsell on

    Sorry this guy has not done his job.
    The Red Cross financial statement is in NOK and not USD what I could read as a start and he claims that his job has been to review financial statements.

    Otherwise, I probably agree that all these NGO are shady businesses with many agendas mainly to support a large administration living quite well from money donated.
    No surprise Jewish banks and the British are involved.

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