Las Vegas & The Manipulation of History

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If there is evidence that what we are told to believe about ancient history is being manipulated, then we should not be surprised to find that what we are told to believe about recent history may also be manipulated. More discussion of this and other topics in this blog post:… and at main website

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  1. Will Americans and other Westerners ever WAKE UP to the FACT you are all being”Gamed” by Zionists with these DISTRACTIONS to keep you thinking and talking about their False Flags instead of THEM and what they are TRULY doing or going to do to America and this planet!
    Next they will have you blaming Muslims as one example, for this latest Vegas fairy tale.
    There are 200 of those 10/6/2017UAL CITIZEN, Israeli Zionist Psychopaths in Congress and are you doing anything about that, much less even TALKING about those TRAITORS?

    Of course not you are too busy being DECEIVED with FALSE FLAGS and “gossiping” about who what and why.

    Here is an issue they DON’T WANT you to know about or talk about:
    Venezuela DUMPS the DOLLAR:

    Did you even notice?

    So they give you the Vegas Distraction and while you ARGUE over useless DETAILS, about Vegas, the Zionist get exactly what they want- “Divided, Conquered and RULED”. Even, ex-pat MORRIS, a simple man, sees it, as I have been stating also, for years now :

  2. By programing the masses to kill Nazis for 80 years, the mass media has simply to throw a Nazi label around and some stupid programmed attack dogs start shooting at it. In this case the new Nazi, who wears the cursed Nazi label, is a person who listens to country music and drives a pickup truck.

  3. Great video. Regarding the Orlando incident, one important anomaly that wasn’t mentioned is that one can tell from the CNN videos of the “victims” being carried, that these people are walking the wrong way. That is, they aren’t moving away from the Pulse nightclub, but actually moving toward the nightclub from up the street.

    How do I know this? From the buildings that are visible in the background. Stand Up MRI is directly across the street from where the people are walking, and in other video, one can see a Dunkin’ Donuts in the direction they’re going, and what appears to the the Pulse nightclub a little farther along. With a little armchair traveling via Google Earth, I was able to confirm this.

    BTW, I can’t take credit for noticing this – somebody’s YouTube video alerted me to this. All I did was validate it to my own satisfaction.

  4. This is a total Crisis Solutions Inc simulation, no shots fired on the crowd. The usual suspects of the JudeoMasonic world order elite and their minions are behind it like Sandy Hook, Manchester etc. Look at the place it was carried out right in front of the all-seeing eye of the Luxor pyramid.

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