Las Vegas shooting: 3-5 shooters

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Las Vegas shooting victim, survivor, says 3-5 shooters, several in venue, FBI refusing to investigate

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(INTELLIHUB) — One of last Sunday’s shooting victims Rocky Palermo who was shot in his pelvis told “The Blast” that after he had been shot he could tell that bullets were sweeping the venue from both elevated positions and from different trajectories horizontally and said that several other shooters were firing from inside the venue.

Palermo believes that 3-5 shooters carried out the massacre at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival on Oct. 1 killing 57 people.

“I definitely believe that there was 100% more than one shooter,” Palermo told The Blast. “Every other person that I talked to that, unfortunately, got hit as well have all said the same things.”

The brave man explained that he ran about 200 yards after being shot where he then hid behind a car. He said that he could hear the bullets whizzing by, horizontally, and could tell that a number of the shots were being fired from ground level which supports other eyewitness claims.


Las Vegas shooting victim, survivor, says 3-5 shooters, several in venue, FBI refusing to investigate

“We heard the gunfires approaching where we were,” he said. “They just started getting closer and closer, louder and louder. […] I do believe that there were people [shooters]inside the venue.”

Palermo also noticed that all of the gates to the concert facing Las Vegas Blvd. were always left open for the previous night’s show but were chained closed about ten minutes before the shooting started.

“At 10:00 they closed every exit on Las Vegas Blvd., every single one.,” he said. “They gated them all closed with chainlink fences […] the same entrances that we came in and left on Friday and Saturday night were definitely closed.”

Palermo said that cops were directing people to go the wrong way and said that there were a lot of things that occurred that night that ‘didn’t sit right’ with him.

“I believe that there were at least 3 to 5 shooters. One hundred percent there was not just one shooter firing from the 32nd-floor.”

Palermo said that he has tried to call the FBI on several occasions to offer them additional info but said that the FBI has not responded to his requests.

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Featured Image: Screenshot via The Blast
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  1. Fredrik Montelius on

    Several shooters, some people claim. If the Mossad operation nearby the obelisk and the pyramid in Las Vegas was a psyop and not a violent false flag, people claiming there were several live ammunition shooters are lying for political reasons. If they had actors firing blanks, whether from a firerarm or from an app synthesizing sounds, it’s another matter. In any case in what ways does this relate to the JFK murder? This whole debalce about a single versus multiple shooters is increasingly takingthe proportions of a scam in honorary meomory of “the little brat” JFK, as ben-Gurion thought of him. It’s probably more important to review the stock sales on the casino shares made only days prior to the psyop, than getting entangled in “how many terrorists were there? ” The Mossad did it, or will have to take the blame for this script until disproved. I say the same evil forces as in sandy Hook are at it again.

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