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Matilda Macy attended a small girls Christian School in Queensland. She was born in Wonglepong, Queensland Australia. She grew up in the end of the Tavistock era. She was looking forward to the sexual revolution as a young teen, but by the time she was 18 it was over. She was then programmed by the BGG's. And still can be seen occasionally wearing shiny pants, but only at small select New years eve gatherings. She has survived: new age workshops, rebirthing, (because she didn't like the first one), and line dancing. She once even attended the funeral of a physical immortalist. As the truth movement accelerates and the world awakens, Matilda remains a staunch advocate for the still sleeping. She is a living sedative in a conscious universe, and offers healing to those who don't even know they were wounded in the first place. She is a lady of lullabies, a shaman for the still sleeping and self appointed spokestransperson for the sheeple..and trans sheeple... Shhh...now to back to sleep. --- Please consider supporting Matilda's work: PLEASE CLICK HERE

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