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Suzy Meszoly, Part 1

Ole Dammegård interviews Rev. Suzy Meszoly DSH, a spiritual teacher, an energetic channel, healer, psychic,…

Désirée Röver, Vaccines, Part 2

Ole Dammegård interviews Medical Research Journalist Désirée Röver from the Netherlands, about vaccines and the dangers involved. What started her painful journey of discovery into this dark world was the death of her 2 year old son, due to a vaccination. For more info, please visit Désirée Röver, Vaccines, Part 2
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Peekay Truth – Part 2

Ole Dammegard interviews Peekay from Melbourne, Australia, a fearless truthseeker who is devoted to uncovering what is really behind so many alleged terror attacks around the globe. He lives by the words: “All I Want Is The Truth….Just Gimme Some Truth” and “Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice,
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