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DATO: Søndag, 7 oktober, 2018 TID: 10.00 – 18.00 STED: Vesterled 35, København 2100 Ø PRIS: 200 DKK

The Ultimate Dot Connector – Since the year 2014, researcher and international lecturer Ole Dammegård has been able to predict approximately 12 planned false flag terror attacks. He has also personally played a part in defusing several planned massacres.

So how does he do it? For over 30 years, Ole Dammegård has devoted his life to understanding and exposing orchestrated state-sponsored terrorism around the world, where the guilty parties are not Muslim terrorists, but ice-cold private contractors or assets brought in from the US Special Forces, NATO, the Gladio network or secret intelligence agencies.

At the recent Open Mind Conferences, he has exposed many of the templates and players used in this brutal agenda. This year, he will take us on an amazing tour, showing us how he has managed to connect the dots and how we can learn to spot the hidden clues ourselves, so we too can help to prevent possible future “attacks”.

Prepare for yet another mind-blowing presentation from Ole Dammegård, who has not only received the Prague Peace Prize and has been adopted by the Apache Nation, but has also had his last name turned into a verb. Researchers in many different countries are “dammegarding”, joining in this global forensic search in an effort to establish global peace and harmony.

Like last year, the Left Forum Conference in New York City has again banned our panels for this June. But our speakers refuse to be silenced. This year we are holding our conference online.

Fake News – Echte Waarheid

Lezingen van Ole Dammegård en Ronald Bernard
georganiseerd door Studium Generale Breda en DVM-TV.

Tijd: Zondag 8 april 2018 | 13:00 – 17:30 uur en 19:30 – 22:00
Entree: Middagprogramma 17,50 Euro | Avondprogramma 15 Euro | Passepartout 25 Euro
Locatie: Sacramentskerk | Zandberglaan 58 | Breda
Zaal open: 12:30 uur

Please check back for further details

Please check back for further details